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Well friends, it’s the start of a new year with new beginnings and new goals for healthy living. Resolutions are one way to reboot the new year to boost confidence, break old habits and reach higher goals. Two of the most popular choices for resolutions are weight loss and breaking the smoking habit.

Quitting Smoking

If you have decided to quit smoking to celebrate a new year, we salute you! Talk to one of our pharmacists about your non-smoking goals for tips on how to quit naturally without weight gain, anxiety or other miserable side effects. We have several products to alleviate the tensions associated with nicotine withdrawal, some are available on-shelf and some are available by prescription only. This is not an easy habit to break, but we are with you 100% for support and guidance as you go through the physical and psychological adjustments and withdrawal of nicotine and other harmful agents found in cigarettes.

Resolutions for Weight Loss

Before you start your weight loss regime, try detoxing to clear out toxins and super-boost your psyche to prepare for your new challenge. Detox kits are easy to fit into your routine, especially if you now find yourself working in your home office. These kits come in three to 15 day packaging, complete with tablet or liquid form laxatives and immune boosters to clear congested systems. Of course, it is always recommended to seek the advice of your health care practitioner or pharmacist before attempting any change in your normal routine. Read the labels, as your detox kit should contain no artificial agents including colour or flavouring, sucrose, wheat, soy or yeast. Once the detox process is finished, a new diet can be introduced to promote holistic goals, such as diving into your new year’s resolution for healthy eating. Ask our staff about the vitamins you need for your specific diet, to maintain electrolyte balance, bone health and overall wellbeing.
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