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We’re in another wildfire season, and coping with poor air quality is not easy. Smoke and ash can contain carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, all compounds dangerous for health. Particles can be 50 times smaller than a grain of sand, making it possible for pollutants to travel deep into the lungs. Our bodies are not without defense systems that remove these particles, but there are several things we can do to protect our health from smokey air.
smoke and ash
Stay indoors and keep your doors and windows closed. It’s tempting to crack open a window at night, as p.m. temperatures begin to cool in the Okanagan, but it doesn’t take long to fill your room with particulates if the wind is blowing smoke in your direction. Pay attention to air quality statements made by the local news and health authorities. Keep the indoor air clean by using your air conditioner and keep the fresh air intake closed if you have one. HEPA filters are incredibly efficient in trapping pollutants. Don’t add indoor air pollution with candles or cigarettes. Vacuuming and fans can stir up particulates in your home, and securing a filter to the back of your fan is one way to remove dust. Stay hydrated, because hydration can help your body trap the irritants after breathing them in.
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