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What is Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes happens when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to regulate sugar levels in the bloodstream. This results in too much sugar circulating in the bloodstream and can eventually lead to circulatory, nervous system and immune problems. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult-onset diabetes and is more common in older adults, but rising obesity in younger people has caused an upward trend in that age group.

Is there any treatment for Type 2 diabetes?

Although there’s no cure for Type 2 diabetes, a healthy lifestyle including weight loss and exercise helps manage the disease. Diabetes medications or insulin therapy may be needed to manage blood sugar levels indefinitely. Because circulation problems accompany Type 2 diabetes, circulation boosters are helpful. Circulation boosters stimulate the nerve endings in your feet to get leg muscles working as a comfortable method of stimulation. Mobility may improve, they are drug free, and clinically proven to improve circulation and prevent neuropathy in the limbs.
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