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Powerchair Eclipse Dart


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Eclipse Pathmaster Series – Freedom to move where you want when you want. Maneuverability and affordability are the features offered by our line of power chairs. The full range of power chairs meet the individual needs of the consumer. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Weight capacity: 136kg/300lbs   Dimensions l x w x h:37.5″x 22″x 36″      Total wt. w/bat: 51.4kg/113.5lbs

Motor Speed Battery  2 x .4hp 6.4kph/4mph               Driving dist: 24km/15m

Turning radius: 40cm/15.5″         Safe climb: 6°/10%


Power chairs can only be ordered by calling Summerland Pharmacy, and will be assembled in store at no charge. Call our store at (250) 494-3422 for more information.