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Nordic Walking Poles- Relaxus


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The Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles are excellent entry-level poles for those looking for basic support while walking or poling in the city. The poles, which are made of lightweight aluminum to reduce weight, aid in improving balance and stability while walking or hiking. The dual grip option allows for greater variability and flexibility in how the poles are held. This is also advantageous making them beneficial because they are formulated for various sizes and making them an excellent pair of poles to have on hand for guests and friends who are new to poling.

Nordic Walking Poles Features

  • Aluminum construction that is lightweight
  • Wrist strap is adjustable and quick release.
  • Molded grip with extended compression for uneven surfaces.
  • Cork handles keep hands dry while providing a comfortable grip.
  • When retracted, it is small enough to fit in luggage or back packs.
  • In-built anti-shock suspension with ON/OFF switch. Telescope height adjustment: 80 cm – 135 cm with Twist & Lock.
  • Carbide tip for off-road/icy terrain, rubberized tip for regular terrain, and walking heel for maximum traction.