Wheelchair Cushion – ROHO Low

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This low ROHO wheelchair cushion comes with 2 inch cells that offer users active protection against skin breakdown.The Low Profile is easy to adjust and conforms to the user’s body and needs while decreasing friction and shear. The interconnected air cells provide maximum stability and blood flow and minimize tissue deformation. The ROHO Profile series are also recommended for those who require pelvic asymmetry. For those who self-propel their wheelchair, this cushion is ideal.  The ROHO Low Profile, although slim, protects those at moderate to high risk for skin breakdown while providing a sleeker look.  With its highly comfortable 2 inch air cells, it allows the user to immerse into the cushion. The user should also be able to independently shift their weight. Maximum Weight Capacity is 500 lbs. This cushion comes with a pump for inflation, a repair kit, and a black cover. This cushion is 16” x 16”.