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Cushion – Contoured Seat


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The ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion is touted as being engineered for the human body. The ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion has been uniquely designed to distribute the user’s body weight evenly throughout its surface area. This results in better support and comfort for longer periods. The ergonomic design of this contoured seat cushion ensures that the user is able to enjoy complete comfort while seated. One of the highlights of this seat cushion is its unique design. The seat cushion features flexible support panels that are bio mechanically contoured to distribute the body’s weight evenly and relieve any possible pressure points. Apart from that, the specially designed seat offers cushioning for the tailbone, pelvis, and thighs. The seat cushion boasts of a removable zippered portion in the front, which improves its versatility. The seat cushion also features a specially designed contoured back and sides that helps hold the pelvis and hips in a comfortable position. In this way, the seat cushion is able to provide superior balance. The seat cushion also features durable Velcro tabs that help to securely attach the seat to any other ObusForme backrest support. The contoured seat cushion also comes with a removable front segment that enables users to get an optimal fit even for narrow chairs or seats. The unique design of the ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion helps support the pelvis, which results in relieving any discomfort while sitting.