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Pad – Cube (Action Adaptive)



The Action Adaptive Cube Pad features a cubical surface design that allows increases air circulation and user comfort. The gel cub pad provides soft cushioning from impact, while effectively dissipating heat and preventing pressure. The Cube Pad is made of 100% Akton polymer. This viscoelastic polymer does not leak, flow, or bottom out, and it is tissue equivalent. It moves with wheelchair users, not against them, to reduce pressure and shear, the two leading causes of pressure sores. Akton polymer is also easy to clean with standard disinfectant. It will not support microbiological growth, and it won’t absorb body fluids or odors. Adaptive Cube Pads can be cut and used for spot protection on products such as arm pads, foot plates, head/leg rests and splints/braces. The cube gel pad can be adapted for a variety of applications to cushion and reduce risk to bony prominence, to stop bottoming out, and to provide increased shear and pressure reduction. The cubical design of the pad surface allows increased air circulation, cushioning from mild impact, heat dissipation and increased comfort. The Adaptive Cube Pad is available in 9/16 inch thickness, measures 18” x 16” and is not sold with a cover. If a cover is desired, please order a Shear Smart Pad.