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Shoe Grips 4 Ice (Hugo)


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The new Grips 4 Ice are lightweight, plus quick and easy to put on for improved winter traction. They use a reformulated rubber compound that stays strong and retains elasticity in temperatures down to -40 Celsius. They feature tungsten carbide spikes with an ice piercing edge are 10x stronger than steel and the spikes are now integrated into the rubber, for increased durability. It has a textured heel tab that makes them easier to put on and take off. Its made with a low profile design that fits inconspicuously with most footwear with the directions molded into rubber for ease of use. Comes as a set of two.

WARNING: This product aids traction on ice if put on the shoe properly while bearing the weight normally; however, no product can prevent all falls. This product is meant to be used in ordinary walking; it is not to be used for mountaineering, rock climbing, steep inclines or other similar strenuous activities. Don’t wear these on surfaces such as marble or other indoor surfaces; use caution if driving or using a ladder. Not for use on shoes with heels more than 1-2 inches. Sharp spikes can cause injury to you or indoor surfaces. Contains latex. Note: Prevent undue wear by only using your Grips 4 Ice™ on snow or ice.