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Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat Pad


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The very dense ( Wool Pile provides excellent pressure reduction and moisture absorption…major causes of pressure sores. The Fleece Wheelchair Seat  Pad is large enough to cover the seat of most wheelchairs. it is 18″ x 18”.  The Wool Fleece was created specifically for medical applications that required a more dense, non-linting, highly absorbent fabric. In a study done in the Infection Control Unit of the Sydney Adventist Hospital, nurses were very enthusiastic about the performance of Wool Fleece. Comments from nurses included increased patient comfort, reduction of pressure points and the alleviation of sweat rashes and itching. They agreed that Wool Fleece was clearly superior to the synthetic pads that they had been using. The Wool Fleece is ideal for incontinent users because it is “Machine Wash and Dry”, making it an easy care product. Wool will absorb an amount of water up to 33% of the weight of the wool, without feeling wet. This moisture is wicked away, keeping the user dry and comfortable. The Hospital Wool Fleece  offers excellent pressure reduction and improved comfort. Some people have found the Seat Pad to be very effective for heel protection while in bed. Protection is all about wool!