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Pulse Oximeter – Fingertip (O_two)


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Designed for use in a wide range of environments – from pre-hospitalemergency to hospitals and home health care, the O-Two fingertip pulse oximeter delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price. Small, compact, simple, reliable and durable fingertip pulse oximeter greatly enhances patient care. With its 6 display modes and 10 brightness levels makes this device easy to read in any orientation and in any light condition. The graphic displays of SpO2, waveform and heart rate bar graph plus the numeric displays of SpO2 provide the user with the information required to assess the patient’s condition. The low-voltage operation provides for a 30 hour operating time under normal conditions. Designed to fit a wide range of patient sizes from pediatric to adult with minimal clamping pressure to maintain skin integrity and circulation, the Fingertip pulse oximeter is an affordable adjunct for patient assessment and monitoring. Features fingertip pulse oximeter c/w carrying case with belt loop, lanyard and 2 AAA alkaline batteries