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Heating Pad – Deep Heat Therapy (Battle Creek)


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Thermophore Max heat therapy is to specific joints – such as the elbow, knee or ankle. Thermophore® Deep-Heatâ„¢ products are designed to deliver the kind of intense heat that can penetrate deeply to really bring you relief from pain, muscle cramps and stiffness for hours. Our products stimulate your circulation to help remove toxins and increase the supply of rich, oxygenated nutrients that are available to damaged tissues. Comes with a Constant Comfort Switch which has three temperature levels allowing you to select the temperature you prefer. The one touch 20 minute timer switch is hands free, easy to use, and includes the innovative pause feature giving you greater control of your therapy. The moist heat from this pad reduced pain and stiffness while stimulating circulation to increase oxygenated blood flow and helping to remove toxins. The large (14” x 27”) size covers the entire back, abdomen, or hip and thigh. Flexible, weighted construction drapes to body contours to assure uniform contact with the painful areas.