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Shoulder Brace OmoTrain



This shoulder brace by Bauerfeind is made of a lightweight, breathable knit fabric, that is completely machine washable. The knitted shoulder support incorporates an adjustable, anatomically contoured silicone insert. This unique design guides and centers the glenohumeral joint promoting mobility but inhibits rotation. The delta shaped silicone insert pad has stimulating nubs with Velcro for adjustable positioning as required. During movement, the insert produces a local massage effect on the soft tissues of the shoulder.  Anatomical knit with graduated compression at the edges to prevent constriction of circulation.  This shoulder support comes in the color of titanium and is universal, left or right. This shoulder brace can be used to treat: Shoulder pain (posttraumatic, postoperative, rotator cuff, sports injuries), Shoulder subluxation, Post-arthroscopic surgery, Hemiparesis and Nerve Palsy.