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Grab Bar with Suction Cups 18” (Invacare)


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The Invacare Suction Handgrip allows you to get out of the shower with convenience and ease. Regardless of age, shower safety is a major issue for most of us. Whether an individual is recovering from an injury or suffering from mobility issues, they can greatly benefit from being proactive in taking preventive measures in the bathroom in order to avoid any unfortunate slipping accidents. Installing this Invacare Suction Handgrip is one of the most affordable and easy methods to prevent any tragic incidents from occurring. This safety grab bar can be assembled with ease. It features 2 high powered suction cups that allow you to install the bar without going through the hassle of drilling any holes into your wall. The structured surface of this bar and its ergonomic shape ensure a secure grip. You can use the suction indicator to see whether the suction hand grip has been mounted safely and properly. Individuals who usually require some help while getting up from the toilet seat or getting out of the shower can use this grab bar and enjoy their independency. You might experience less dizziness and your fear of falling or slipping on wet floors might get entirely eliminated. Get the Invacare Suction Hand-grip today to enjoy maximum support in the bathroom.