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Insoles – Sole Active Medium Thickness

This insole is medium cushioning and provides maximum forefoot comfort. This footbed features a built-in metatarsal pad to support the foot’s bones in their natural lift and spread. Built on a super durable EVA base to offer reliable relief from forefoot pain associated with conditions like Morton’s neuroma and Metatarsalgia. This insole works great in most medium-fitting shoes like running shoes, casual sneakers, tennis shoes and hiking boots. The EVA¬† is made with 20% industrial scrap that would otherwise have gone to waste. Instead it’s recycled to reduce the footprint of our products. This insoles helps to reduce plantar fascia strain, and is suitable for any arch height. It provides a cushioned support that improves balance, supports natural spread of foot bones, promotes a neutral alignment, distributes weight and pressure equally with zero drop from heel to forefoot. SOLE has a signature shape for everyday comfort, however you can heat and wear moldable for customized fit. Features Polygiene stay-fresh technology.

These insoles are sold for $59.99 are are available in select sizes only. These insoles can only be ordered by calling Summerland Guardian Pharmacy. Call our store at (250) 494-3422 for more information.